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Fantasy Hockey League Simulator

Version 1.5 Build 445 Release Notes

This is a fresh release of FHLSim 1.5. It has a lot of bug fixes that have come up since the release of FHLSim 1.5beta3. This release is officially called FHLSim 1.5 Build 445. I will be releasing future releases with build versions instead of point releases. I believe this release is much more stable than any other release of FHLSim has been.

  • Fixed many runtime errors from pre-1.3 code, from new 1.5 code, and handles bad league files and error conditions better than previous releases.
  • League File verification at load time, and logging of Roster problem dialog box.
  • Eliminated some new scheduler problems.
  • Improved playoff scheduling and report management.
  • Fixed tiebreaker rules in standings to be compliant to Pro rules.
  • Significant updates to the FHLSim Manual.
  • Addition of Pro league files shipped with installer.
  • Microsoft Installer packaging.
  • For an extended list, refer to All Release Notes

Version 1.5 Upgrade Instructions

From any previous release, essentially, backup stuff you want to save, uninstall the previous verson of FHL, and install FHL1.5 from the full release.

  1. Back up your league files
  2. Uninstall FHLSim from the Control Panel  »  Add Remove Programs
  3. Download FHLSim full installer from the link on the home page.
  4. Run the MSI installer file (unzip first if you downloaded the fhl-current.zip).
  5. Restore your league file backup.
  6. Start FHL. Start  »  Programs  »  FHLSim  » FHLSim
  7. Enjoy!
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