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Stable Releases

  • GM Editor 1.2
    Software required for all General Managers to manage their team lineups and roster.
  • FHL 1.5 Full Install 
    Flagship FHL Simulator, including 2003-04 rosters, manual and MSI installer. (registration required)

DEMO Release

Beta Releases

  • FHLSim 1.5 Build 468
    The v1.5.1 release candidate, including both bug fixes and improved functionality.

View all Downloads Grab the latest files available for FHLSim. We also feature a number of 3rd party programs from the FHL community.

Latest Updates

January 2 2018: A new forum has been put up by Éric Leclerc at FSH Community Forum is a place where you can hang out with fellow FHLSim users to discuss fantasy sim hockey! Merci, Éric, pour votre contribution!

May 7, 2005: The new FHLSim Forum is officially open to the general public. Based on phpBB, hosted locally, and supporting both English and French, we can once again be irritant-free!

December 20, 2004.
FHLSim releases a beta version with DEMO mode. Now you can quickly see how FHLSim can cure your hockey pool fix.

September 17, 2004.
FHL 1.5 is released after many months of testing with a new full install of 1.5 (build 442), just in time for the NHL Lockout. Includes new pro roster, new manual, upgraded features and better stability. If you are a registered user with a previous version, get the Upgrade instructions.

July 25, 2004.
FHLSim wins "Editors Choice" award from Gaming Illustrated! Thanks to the vibrant FHL community, FHL scores a 9.3 out of 10 in its first professional review.

Fantasy Hockey League Simulator

FHLSim takes you to the front lines of simulation hockey and lets you be the Commish of your own league or t he General Manager of your own team. [Game Features]

FHL has been around since 1997. Our team has been developing and using hockey simulation software since 1988, beginning with Compuleague Hockey on the Commodore 64. [FHL Background]

FHL is fast and easy. In ten minutes and the click of a button, the program can simulate one day's worth of games and create the necessary html pages. All you have to do is transfer the fully formatted files to your website and you're done! [Screenshots & Samples]


Our online manual is updated as new features are added and reflects the last stable release. [FHL Manual]

The FHL community has a strong group of users that look out for each other. Many of your questions can be answered from our public forums. Join the discussions with other league owners, team owners and the FHL development team. [FHLSim Forums]

If you still can not find the answers you are looking for we will do our best to address all issues as soon as possible. [Support and FAQ's].

Bugs Fixes. Software has bugs and FHL is no different. The FHL team has added a bug tracking database to track the bugs from first report to squash. To make it easy to fix, the best way to report a bug is to post a message to the FHL forum with the exact steps to repeat it.

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